In Less than 1 month, Shezeen and I will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary! I'm planning a surprise for her that's divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 – The Dinner Surprise

IMG_4962 (800x485).jpg

Our anniversary is on March 25th and that's why I'm throwing a surprise dinner for Shezeen on March 22nd (I want this to be a complete surprise for her). Our favourite spot in the city is Lil' Baci and so it's only fitting that we host the dinner there. It's going to be an intimate affair of around 40 people and it will involve the things that we hold dear to our heart: friends and family; delicious food; great wine; and music. I've been asked by many of you what can you do to help and the answer remains the same: absolutely nothing. Bring yourself, an appetite and celebrate with me the person that means the world to me.

Part 2 – The Album Surprise

Music was the thing that brought us together. Truth be told, when Shezeen came back from working on her watershed management project in rural India, I was in the process of focusing on establishing a career as an electronic music producer. Shezeen was one of my biggest fans and the first person I enlisted to help launch my career. We spent a lot of time together and well...the rest is history. To celebrate the thing that brought us together, I've been working on a secret 10-song album dedicated to her that I'm calling TEN. I've remixed 10 of our favourite songs in the past decades (songs that remind me of her). You'll be able to listen to the album AFTER Shezeen does. I'm going to put it on the site and you can download it on your favourite device in April.

Part 3 – The App Surprise

Food is an important part of our family. It inspires us, brings our community together and gives us the chance to pass our cultural heritage down to our two boys. I want to create a food app that I want to originally populate by YOUR favourite recipes. I want to compile all your recipes and build an app to give as a gift it to Shezeen. All you have to do is visit the App section of the site, submit a recipe (or two) with photos; it's that simple.  After its launch, I imagine it to be dynamic - Shezeen and I will add a couple of our recipes, you can add more and this can be our communal recipe book: an idea that I know Shezeen will love!